In Development

RAY & AL (Rhéal & Rhéaume) – feature film.  Two Quebecois bank-robbing brothers, who have never travelled outside Quebec, arrive in Toronto with their guns, wild assumptions about English Canada, and a French-English dictionary.  A “poisson out of water” comedy about the Quebec/rest of Canada divide, love, multiculturalism and robbing banks – in both official languages.

THE WEASEL – feature film.  A 17 year-old boy spends his summer vacation baby-sitting a team of wrestlers who teach him how to become a man and a Weasel.

REALITY INC. – set in the behind-the-scenes world of reality television.  Two driven, ambitious, amoral and sexually-charged reality-show producers exploit the obsessions, desires, fears and anxieties of their larger-than-life contestants, as they battle to be number one in the fiercely-competitive world of reality programming.  In development with The Movie Network and Movie Central.

SINNERS – set in the world of televangelists.  Two rival family ministries compete for wealth, love and personal salvation in a behind-the-scenes exposé of the modern marriage of God and Mammon.  8 x 60 limited series drama.

COLOUR TV – a comic look at race and ethnicity as it plays out in front of and behind the cameras at a Toronto multi-culti TV station.  If this group of dysfunctional multiethnic misfits can coexist in an under-funded melting pot of cable-access station there may be hope for us all.  13 x 30 television series.