La Florida

La Florida
La Florida - Poster

La Florida – Poster


Feature Film

The American dream is alive – in Montreal, Quebec. The feature film begins here on the coldest day of the year as Leo Lesperance packs his family and his father’s statue of Saint Jude, patron saint of lost causes, off to Florida where paradise awaits in a small motel in Hollywood Beach. But the dream becomes a nightmare when Leo and wife Ginette realize that their ownership of the motel makes them a target of South Florida criminals and, especially, of the Quebec community’s business owners who don’t exactly share a spirit of cooperation.

Assailed on all sides and subverted by a real estate operator wanting to scoop up his property, Leo also struggles to hold on to his marriage to the passionate Ginette who feels neglected and betrayed, given the long work hours, and who’s tempted to begin an affair with local heartthrob, singer Romeo “The Flame’ Laflamme.

Then there’s daughter Carmen whose two ex-convict boyfriends – she can’t bring herself to choose between them – arrive from up north to woo her and wind up planting explosives in an attempt to protect her father’s interests. It all comes crashing down on Leo when, having lost it all, motel, wife, family, he finds himself at his dying father’s bedside regretting how his dream destroyed everything that mattered. Until the golfer/priest arrives to perform what turns out to be premature last rites.

All ends mostly well on the warm Florida sands as they welcome guests at the Motel Ginette. A comedy, obviously.

  • Winner of The Golden Reel Award for highest Canadian box office
  • Starring Remy Girard, Pauline Lapointe, Marie-Josée Croze and Michael Sarrazin
  • Directed by Georges Mihalka
  • Written by Pierre Sarrazin and Suzette Couture